Thursday, April 11, 2013

Boys & Girls by Alabama Shakes Vinyl

So I accidently ordered this vinyl album.

Well that isn't strictly correct. I was thinking I was buying a Heartless Bastards album. I keep confusing the bands. This was the best mistake I have made. First, I paid under $11 for 11 songs on a 33 vinyl and 3 songs on a 45. I also got a code to download the songs. Plus the price has jumped a couple of dollars. So yeah considering music purchases this is in my top 3 bang for your buck purchases.

I first heard them on KXT, a local independent music radio station for North Texas, with their single "Hold on". This single can be found in the Youtube video below. I really liked the single. It turns out the whole album has a similar R&B and soul sound. Honestly this isn't my favorite genre of music but I am one of those people who likes good music no matter what the genre is and this is good music.

How it was consumed: Technics Quartz sl-q300 record player.

Rating: 7/10 Good.

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