Thursday, April 4, 2013


Tina Fey is best known for her NBC series 30 Rock and for her time at Saturday Night Live as both a writer and actress. She has won multiple Emmy Awards as well as Writers Guild of America Awards for these and other works. Since I have watched and enjoyed 30 Rock I decided to tackle her book.

This wasn't a detailed autobiography nor was it a just for laughs. Tina Fey talks about growing up, how she got into show business, her father, her child, and her career. Fey tries to strike a nice balance between autobiography and comedy but it seems to have come out as too little from both.

I know the mother items and her problems when she was a young girl isn't something I can relate to because it wasn't really meant for me so I am a little bias about some parts of the book. I still laughed and found most of it interesting.

It is a decent read if you can borrow it from a friend  but I wouldn't go buy it as a gift... unless your friend is a Tina Fey fan then by all means.

How it was consumed:  Audible audiobook.

Rating: 6/10 Above Average