Monday, September 12, 2011

Ninfa's and Spiderman

Baylor beats TCU! So naturally the whole stadium rushes the field. Good times were had by all.

I had a hell of a labor day weekend  but I can't forget about how me and Preston kicked off the fabulously fun Friday. Our fuel was Mexican food and tasty drinks from an old Baylor hang out, Ninfa's.

You are given 2 types of free salsa before you eat. One is a mild red salsa and the other is a delicious avocado and tomatillo green sauce. The green is my favorite and I have on many occasions enjoyed just that and the mixed drinks. Ninfa's has any Mexican food you can think of including random meats such as quail and everything I have tried has met my expectations.

 I have met the owner and his son an it has been and still is very much family owned and operated. This combined with the nice ambiance of the inside decor makes Ninfa's a must eat at restaurant for those who love Tex Mex or Mexican food.

Ninfa's Rating: 9/10

Ninfa's has many different and unique drinks. In fact they don't have margaritas they have Ninfa-ritas... GET IT! They are so clever. Though after having a couple of these you don't mind the "wittiness" of the phrase.

Before attending the Baylor game me and Preston ordered a Spiderman like we use to do during happy hour while we attended Baylor. This drink got me through good times and bad times. The Spiderman margarita mixture is a super drink that can save you from the terrors of sobriety. If you ever are in Waco and you don't really want to eat at Ninfa's at least treat yourself to this Texas gem. This appetizing avenger is almost a dessert due to its sweetness but I say this in the best way possible. It isn't too sweet to order 2, in fact that is exactly what I did.

How it was tasted: The picture to the right shows the actual drink. It has sugar around the rim and comes in a frosty mug.  

Spiderman Rating: 9/10