Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thirteenth step A perfect circle

This is my second attempt to blog from my phone. For give the dust and rust. If you have never heard of Maynard James Keenan, look him up. He helped shape art rock since the 90s. He is on the same level as Trent Reznor, another name you should know. You probably know him as the creator of the social network movie soundtrack. He has done so much more.

Back to the Thirteenth step. A perfect circle was a softer side project of Maynard compared to his main hard rock band Tool. You can hear every word clearly and easily unlike Tool.
To be honest a friend got me into Tool back in college and depending on what you are looking for Tool takes the cake. A perfect circle is an interesting experiment from Maynard. Some memorable songs are The Noose, The Outsider, and Pet but the whole album is worth a listen.

Check out the album on Youtube or spotify. Enjoy.

How it was consumed: warm delicious vinyl .

Rating: 8/10 great