Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Crystal Gazers by Datahowler

After attending Indexfest 2012 I had the pleasure to have a beer with local artist Datahowler. He does experimental electronic music, though he said he perhaps hip hop in the interview video. About halfway through his show he informed us that "Now it is time for some weird stuff." It was quite entertaining and fun if you live in the DFW area you should check out his live show. If I recall correctly, it was a long day/night, both of his parents are musicians and at least one graduated from UNT and creates jazz music. Using these and other influences Datahowler creates unique pieces that is readily available online. He creates the art, records, produce, arranges, mixes, and masters his own music.

I find that Datahowler's style is perfect background music. Whether you are studying, driving late at night, relaxing or just cleaning the house on a rainy day, putting on Datahowler's music will just make your day better.

How it was consumed: The Crystal Gazers limited colored edition vinyl

Rating: 8/10 Great