Thursday, July 26, 2012


This is my first review via my Galaxy S3. This is so exciting. I am currently waiting in line for the new batman movie though this won't be posted for days afterwards.

So I went to see Ted at Denton cinemark for the 3.50 Thursday deal. I knew it would be fairly good but it made me laugh out loud.

This involves a story of what would happen if a child got his wish to bring his teddy bear to life. It would be nice Disney movie for the first month of his life but Ted explores what would happen about 30 years after that.

This is Seth MacFarlane at his best. Family guy is old but little better than your average Simpson's. American dad is still epic but is getting a little long in the tooth. This movie portrays something I already knew, Seth still has it.
I would have been alright paying $7 for this movie but luckily I didnt have to. The early part ending is a bit cheesy but it didn't take away from the movie.

How it was consumed: Denton Cinemark.

Rating: 9/10 On my favorites list