Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Vesper

This is Bond's first drink, James Bond's. I recently had a party with friends while we drank some of these bad boys.

Now this drink is not for the faint at heart. It is basically pure alcohol. The alcohol isn't cheap either but you only need 2 of these to be feeling great through out the night.

I personally don't like drinking straight alcohol nor do I love shots of cheap liqueur but after having one of these drinks you start to appreciate the drink more.

Also you have to know the right mixture of the gin, vodka and Lillet else you can sure ruin this concoction. I like both vodka and gin so I didn't have much of a problem with this drink. If you prefer one over the other I would recommend changing the recipe to fit your needs. I have read though the gin mixes well with the Lillet so keep that in mind when tampering with the weapon of choice.

As a side note I have heard that the drink will become cooler if you stir it with crushed ice. I choose not to take this route and go 100% Bond style.

I believe every man who appreciates Ian Fleming's work should have one of these in his or her lifetime but one definitely goes a long way.

How it was consumed: 3 oz of Tanqueray Gin,
1 oz of Russian Standard Vodka (That was the name of this premium vodka),
and 1/2oz of Kina Lillet (It is better with a little more Lillet, perhaps a full oz),
shaken and strained in a martini glass garnished with a lemon.
I also added a little lemon juice to help with the taste.

Rating: 7/10 Good