Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Shark Week Review!

So it is Shark Week and I have missed some of the episodes but they will be back on later so here are a few reviews I have in so far.

Rouge Shark 
The title pretty much covers the premise. Do sharks go rouge like Sarah Palin (or like the official premise says "Jaws")? Well PETA would not let Discovery Channel say that Sharks are out to kill us (and I bet Discovery Channel wouldn't want to do that anyway.) so the answer is of course no. The HD scenes are what really save this segment but their wasn't really much substance to it. Every time something happened the watcher was asked something along the lines "Could this mean that a great white shark went rouge and kill Emily on purpose?". Anyone who has watched a Shark Week (this is my second time) or has watched one show about sharks would know the real reason why each thing happened.

It is worth a watch but it is not the best of Shark Week.

Rating: 6/10
1-2 = Painful
3-4 = Bad
5-6 = Average
7-8 = Good
9-10 = One my favorites

Summer of the Shark 
This is a bit more of what one should expect from Shark Week. In the summer of 2008 an unprecedented wave of shark attacks sweeps the eastern coast of Australia. People tell their stories about the incidents we get to watch re-enactments. Also they give some details on why there have been so many more attacks. That is the Shark Week I have know to love.

Rating: 8/10

Killer Sharks 
Though the title sounds like a C movie you would find at the back of a Blockbuster if Blockbuster was around anymore this show was actually really good. It tells the story of how in the December of 1957 in a small tourist city in South America there was a wave of shark attacks. This could have been a short film with beginner actors and writers but a crap load of money for special effects. The story follows a Mayor who doesn't want to scare away tourist so he keeps the beaches open as long as he can, a scientist who is trying to get to the bottom of this mess, and the victims of the attacks. The best thing about it is sometimes the director sends 2 people in the water so you don't know which one is going to get the teeth.

Rating: 9/10

I will have more for you in the next few days. Also I apologies for the errors but I had some problems with the font and sizing. I ended up writing this twice and I still think it is off a bit.