Thursday, February 9, 2012

Burke and Riley's Irish Ale

Burke and Riley's Irish Pub is a decent place to grab a beer around Breckenridge, CO. My family and I were walking down Main Street and wanted to grab a beer. They had a local brewery but my parents brought our Italian greyhound so we needed to find a place to drink outside.

I ordered a Original Coors hoping that it would taste pretty good straight from the source but it wasn't very pleasing. I can only speculate weather they gave me a Coors light, an soapy glass, or if the keg was older.

I then discovered they had an original beer. Being the  barista of beer I decided to order it.

It was nothing to write home about... but it is something to review. I usually review beers that are delicious. The Flying Sauce and The Ginger Man is not going to sell a crappy beer. They know they will lose money and they know their beer. I don't know why Burke and Riley wouldn't try to make a better beer since it represents them.

Alas I must say it isn't worth your money. It isn't a terrible beer but it is no where near the best.

How it was tasted: From a pint glass and from the tap.

Rating: 4/10 Below average