Monday, October 3, 2011

Irish Car Bomb with Maker's Mark

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An Irish Car Bomb is the American name for Guinness, Jameson, and Bailey's Irish Cream.  Please DO NOT order this drink by name in Ireland. It is like ordering a 9/11 shot or a Pearl Harbor drink.

FYI don't order a 'Black and Tan' in Ireland either. Those were the colors that the Royal Irish Constabulary Reserve Force wore. Aren't you glad you read Taste of Zach? Else you might be spitting out your own teeth in Ireland. So let us call this drink a Taste of Ireland. Seriously spread it around. Forget calling a drink after the IRA.

Now for this review I must admit that I am cheating. I used Makers Mark besides Jameson and I used too much Baileys on the shot. I know this is blasphemy and St. Patrick couldn't save me now but I had all the materials besides Jameson so I took the leap in the name of science and Irish-American relations!

The amount of Bailey's in this drink is important. If you have too little Bailey's it will taste like straight liqueur, yet if you have too much the drink is too sweet. I played it safe and did the ladder. When you find the perfect medium you can hear the angels cheering you on while you finish your pint of deliciousness .

The Taste of Ireland goes straight to your head due to the fact that you just chugged a beer and a shot in quick succession, which is a good thing. If you have the money and the ingredients I highly recommend to start at least one party night a month this way(depending on how many party nights you actually can have in a month).

I know this is the correct way to celebrate the Irish on St. Patrick's day. Turning a Bud Light green is just a smack in the face to the Saint himself. I will have to review this mixed drink again but I must say that I enjoyed it.

How it was tasted: Maker's Mark Whiskey, Bailey's, and Guinness poured in a British glass and a plain shot glass.

Rating: 9 on my favorite's list