Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thirteenth step A perfect circle

This is my second attempt to blog from my phone. For give the dust and rust. If you have never heard of Maynard James Keenan, look him up. He helped shape art rock since the 90s. He is on the same level as Trent Reznor, another name you should know. You probably know him as the creator of the social network movie soundtrack. He has done so much more.

Back to the Thirteenth step. A perfect circle was a softer side project of Maynard compared to his main hard rock band Tool. You can hear every word clearly and easily unlike Tool.
To be honest a friend got me into Tool back in college and depending on what you are looking for Tool takes the cake. A perfect circle is an interesting experiment from Maynard. Some memorable songs are The Noose, The Outsider, and Pet but the whole album is worth a listen.

Check out the album on Youtube or spotify. Enjoy.

How it was consumed: warm delicious vinyl .

Rating: 8/10 great

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Boys & Girls by Alabama Shakes Vinyl

So I accidently ordered this vinyl album.

Well that isn't strictly correct. I was thinking I was buying a Heartless Bastards album. I keep confusing the bands. This was the best mistake I have made. First, I paid under $11 for 11 songs on a 33 vinyl and 3 songs on a 45. I also got a code to download the songs. Plus the price has jumped a couple of dollars. So yeah considering music purchases this is in my top 3 bang for your buck purchases.

I first heard them on KXT, a local independent music radio station for North Texas, with their single "Hold on". This single can be found in the Youtube video below. I really liked the single. It turns out the whole album has a similar R&B and soul sound. Honestly this isn't my favorite genre of music but I am one of those people who likes good music no matter what the genre is and this is good music.

How it was consumed: Technics Quartz sl-q300 record player.

Rating: 7/10 Good.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Tina Fey is best known for her NBC series 30 Rock and for her time at Saturday Night Live as both a writer and actress. She has won multiple Emmy Awards as well as Writers Guild of America Awards for these and other works. Since I have watched and enjoyed 30 Rock I decided to tackle her book.

This wasn't a detailed autobiography nor was it a just for laughs. Tina Fey talks about growing up, how she got into show business, her father, her child, and her career. Fey tries to strike a nice balance between autobiography and comedy but it seems to have come out as too little from both.

I know the mother items and her problems when she was a young girl isn't something I can relate to because it wasn't really meant for me so I am a little bias about some parts of the book. I still laughed and found most of it interesting.

It is a decent read if you can borrow it from a friend  but I wouldn't go buy it as a gift... unless your friend is a Tina Fey fan then by all means.

How it was consumed:  Audible audiobook.

Rating: 6/10 Above Average