Wednesday, July 6, 2011

First item. Samuel Adams® East West Kölsch

So I decided to have a beer tonight and I am enjoying my Samuel Adams® Summer Style pack I got from Costco. I tried a few different ones during the 4th of July but I didn't sit down and analyse the taste.

I believe I am going to rate the over all beer and write a little article about it. The rating will be 1-10 from worst to best.

1-2 = disgusting
3-4 = not worth the calories
5-6 = Average
7-8 = a good beer
9-10 = one my favorite beers

So lets begin!

Consumption: from a bottle.

Beer rating: 7

This is a better than average beer with an almost sweet taste at the beginning. I dare say it is close to being an 8 but it lacks a certain Je ne sais quoi. The taste is different enough to enjoy and isn't very pungent.

This will probably be the format of my beer reviews as I go on. A brief description and a Beer rating.


My name is Zach. After enjoying beers for many years I have discovered that I love to try a new beer every chance I get. Sometimes I forget how good or bad a beer was or even what it tasted like. I will restart and log my journey of taste here at "The Taste of Zach". I hope some of the reviews will be helpful to everyone who stumbles upon this site but the main purpose is for me to remember which beers are fantastic and which beers are not worth the calories.

So join me on the exotic escapade of beer tasting.