Friday, November 4, 2011

Shiner Kosmos

Shiner Kosmos is named after the man who founded the Shiner Brewery. Kosmos Spoetzl was born in Bavaria, which is where most of the most savory beers come from.
Luckily for Texas Kosmos ended up building a brewery here in Shiner, Texas. Kosmos over came Prohibition and as of As of 2010, it was the fourth-largest craft brewery and tenth-largest overall brewery in the United States. If you have ever tried their beers you would know why.

This lager has an aromatic dry  taste with a slight hoppy taste. I would encourage anyone who has never had a Shiner beer to buy the Shiner family pack to try out all of the different beers. I wasn't a fan of the Shiner Blonde but my other friends love it.

You won't find Kosmos on tap anywhere but Shiner beers are something everyone should try.

As they say, prosit!

How it was tasted: out of the bottle from the family pack

Rating: 7/10 Good