Friday, October 21, 2011

Dead Zach Day 1

Named after some of the posts of a webcomic I use to follow religiously when I was younger. Every so often the creator will just have too much to do or will get sick or for what ever reason could not post his comic on the regular upload days. So I decided to do some filler here due to midterms.

Also here is a small ode to Dennis Ritchie. He was the man who created the C programming language and the UNIX operating system. This man is a legend to all Computer scientist and should be remembered as much as Steve Jobs was. As many have tweeted on the day of his death "His pointer has been cast to void *; his process has terminated with exit code 0." I regret never getting to meet the guy.

Here is the most relaxing song in the world according to scientist: 

Here is the article about it:

Here is a song by The Kooks I have heard recently. It is pretty cool.

See yall soon I hope.