Thursday, April 26, 2012

Edgefest 22 Part 1

Edgefest 22 was pretty cool. I went this Sunday it was an adventure. The line up was
The Black Keys, Garbage, Cake, Evanescence, Cage the Elephant, Blue October, Arctic Monkeys, The Ting Tings, Neon Trees, Foxy Shazam, Civil Twilight, Switchfoot

I ended up getting there around when Civil Twilight was starting up. The only bands I really wanted to see were Cake, The Black Keys, Ting Tings and Arctic Monkeys. They did not disappoint though the last two played while I was wondering around the stadium.

I usually like to review one band or one song for the site but I decided to review all of Edgefest. I have been to 4 or 5 Edgefests so I sort of know the drill. You pay about $55 for a ticket through Ticketmaster and you get about 2 really great bands and some bands with their current hits on the radio. Also you have to calculate that Blue October, Evanescence, and a few other stables will probably be there. Last year was epic since Weezer, Jane's Addiction, Airborne Toxic Event, Young the Giant, Panic at The Disco. Flogging Molly, AWOLNATION, and many more were there.

Of course that show sold out within the day. This show did not sell out. Still the price is about right for 2 good bands and a day long event. 

Pizza Hut park does need to fix a few things. They have very few water fountains. I went up to a few stands to just buy a cup of ice but they said they had to charge me $4 for water. I wouldn't mind except this is Texas and people need water to live. I saw very few water stations for people to go to for hydration and trust me I saw plenty of people who needed water. 

I wasn't front and center for the whole concert so I can only review Cage the Elephant and the bands above it. I would like to make a quick note that Foxy Shazam sounded fairly bad and the other bands sounded above average.