Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fat Tire New Belgium

There is nothing like the copper color of this Colorado amber ale. This is one of my favorite Thursday night beers thanks to the specials at Greenhouse in Denton. $2 for a Fat Tire and free jazz music sounds about right to me.

Fat tire has a sweet after taste that makes you want more. I partook in this beverage while enjoying jazz music and writing short stories, and poems. It is hard to deny a high rating of a beer when you have such a great combo but the beer can not be judge on the atmosphere alone. Else one could rank Keystone way too high just because they had a good time. Yes the ambiance of a bar should serve only as an accent or the proverbial icing on the cake.

The website declares that this beer was inspired after a bike tour to all the brewery's in Belgium. I have yet to make such an alcoholic adventure but the drink seems to honor the taste of the few amber Belgium beers I have had.

I know I shouldn't rank a beer so high but with the combo of the price, atmosphere and the simple yet satisfying taste, and the fact it is fairly easy to find makes this a great beer. This is one of my favorite beers in the USA. It is a beer that one can love early in their beer drinking days and a beer that a veteran beer snob wouldn't turn away.

How it was tasted: in a pint glass, from the tap at Greenhouse while listening to jazz music.

Rating: 9/10 on my list of favorite beers.