Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

Blink is Malcolm Gladwell's second book. Gladwell is know for bringing to light certain phenomena that he discovers while looking into different peoples research. This book talked about the idea of thin slicing, the idea that a lot of decisions and knowledge comes from the first few seconds of encountering an object or situation. Gladwell goes into details about how this 6th sense can help us and how it can be fooled.

The first examples he gives is of a researcher who studied couples and could read the slightest details of a 3 minute conversation with them and with that data could know with a 95% certainty if they would get a divorce or not.

There are many interesting findings that Gladwell shows us in this book but a few of them are a bit of a stretch. The ones that are a bit more out there are still interesting to read so I would recommend this book to a friend. 

I was given a copy of this book from a friend who gave me a few audiobooks. I am discovering some of them are incomplete and some mp3s don't work so this book may be better or worse than an official copy. I am having to re-read parts of The Tipping Point (the Malcolm Gladwell book I am on now) because of this.

Consumed: 3rd party audio mp3s

Rating: 8/10

1-2 = Painful
3-4 = Waste of time
5-6 = Average
7-8 = A good time
9-10 = One my favorites

The Three Philosophers (Beer)

The Three Philosophers is a beer brewed in a Belgium style though this beer is from New York. It has a darker, heavier taste than some Belgium beers I have had but this could explain the 9.8% Alcohol level. This is a beer you definitely want cold to enjoy the complex flavor.

How it was tasted: At my house with a fish taco dinner. It drank it from the bottle.

Rating: 9

1-2 = disgusting
3-4 = not worth the calories
5-6 = Average
7-8 = a good beer
9-10 = one my favorite beers