Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mothership [Vinyl] [Original Recording Remastered]

I believe any 16 year old boy who has appreciated rock music has one time or another listened to Led Zeppelin. In fact me and a friend played "Stairway to Heaven" for a talent show. So when I started to get back into vinyl records I decided to look through Amazon's top selling records. As soon as this popped up on my screen I knew I had to have it.

I have never bought a Led Zeppelin Album and I have only heard them from friend's cars, stereo's, or the radio. Why not a remastered vinyl of 24 of their greatest songs? It was a bit pricey but it is worth every penny. As you can see it comes with artistic sleeves as well as plastic square sleeves to protect your vinyl from dust and scratches (this causes pops and hisses during play back). The unboxing was part of the experience too. I was pleasantly surprised to find a booklet (about 12 pages) of information about the songs, the band, and a few pictures as well.

The vinyl is high quality 180 grams and has some of the nicest packaging I have ever seen. This would make an epic gift for a Led Zep fan who has a record player but at about $67 from Amazon (at the time of writing this) you might want to go 3 ways with this gift.

Keep on rocking guys!

How it was consumed: Technics Quartz sl-q300 record player.

Rating: 9/10 On my list of favorites.